Yolanda Laverde

Partnering Director

At GLA, I bring my passion for collaboration and communication to the forefront, specializing in the development and implementation of Collaborative Dispute Mitigation (CDM) systems for agencies, organizations, and construction projects. My journey has equipped me with a unique set of skills and experiences:

  • Customer Service Savvy: With years of experience in sales and team management, I excel at delivering exceptional customer service and ensuring client satisfaction.
  • Organizational Whiz: I thrive on organization and motivation, always aiming to accomplish project goals with a high level of efficiency and precision.
  • Program Management Success: I successfully managed the Emerson College Volunteer/Internship program at Paramount Pictures, showcasing my ability to lead and coordinate effectively.
  • Public Speaking Enthusiast: Public speaking is my forte. I possess outstanding presentation, verbal, and writing skills, which I have refined through numerous engagements.
  • Toastmasters Champion: As a proud member of Toastmasters, I've earned my Bronze CTM and even clinched the title of District 1 Toastmasters Competition Champion.

At GLA, I'm dedicated to fostering collaboration, mitigating disputes, and driving project success through clear communication and organizational excellence.

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