Construction Partnering Monthly Plans

GLA focuses on up-front investment in Continuous Dispute Prevention, which is far less costly and disruptive to the project delivery, than mediation and arbitration. In  the event of a dispute during project delivery, specialized tools will be deployed to resolve issues promptly to keep the project on track through successful completion – on time, on budget with zero claims & disputes.

(due 1st of the month)
(due 1st of the month)
Partnering Kickoff Session
one time
Partnering Follow up Session
Partnering Update Session
Close Out Session
one time
Partnering Award Application
one time
Executive Sessions
Executive Session  
Facilitated Dispute  Resolution (FDR)  
Additional Services (billed separately)

Add Ons for your project

To include these services & build a custom package, contact us directly.

Additional Services
in person
Partnering Session
(Kickoff, Monthly and or  Quarterly Follow-up, Closeout Sessions)
in person
Partnering Alignment Session 
in person
Partnering Alignment Session Facilitated Dispute Resolution (FDR) 
Important Notes

Project Terms & Conditions

For questions, please contact:

For Packages

  • Payment Due Date & Terms: First payment is due prior to Partnering Kickoff Session (virtual or in-person), then the 1st of each month after that. This is a reoccurring Credit Card payment. –  Recurring Authorization to be provide upon acceptance of Partnering Services.  (Note: 10% Discount is offered for a 12-month prepaid plan).
  • Payment Schedule Monthly 1St of the Month

For Additional Services

  • Services outside the Monthly Partnering Plan and or In-person Sessions are billed  separately from the Monthly Partnering Plan, as per the breakdown below.  
  • Note: If you should choose to hold an in-person session for kickoff, follow up or  close out you will be billed $5,900.00 for that month only. 
  • (1) Package services are All Inclusive: Facilitator fees, Session coordination and  On-Boarding and travel expenses (when applicable) within the state of  California for In-person Sessions)  
  • (2) All catering and site procurement are the responsibility of the project team