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Our Mission is to Eradicate Arbitration and Litigation from the Construction Industry.

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We at GLA, have made it Our Mission: To eradicate arbitration and litigation from the construction industry. We can no longer afford the negative impacts associated with construction disputes on our projects, especially for our people who chose this profession to build long lasting monuments, not to battle and fight on construction sites!

GLA focuses on up-front investment in Continuous Dispute Prevention, which is far less costly and disruptive to the project delivery, than mediation and arbitration. In the event of a dispute during project delivery, specialized tools will be deployed to resolve issues promptly to keep the project on track through successful completion.


Our purpose is to improve lives through what we do.

Through Construction Partnering, FDR, Mediation, and Project Leadership Development, GLA aims to transform the way construction projects are managed, ensuring they are completed safely, on time, within budget, with the highest level of satisfaction for all stakeholders involved, and most importantly with Zero Claims and Zero Disputes.

"Partnering helps us step out the day to day and recalibrate and realign ourselves to the goal of the project." – Jacquelyn Wong, Central Laboratory Chief – Mets, Caltrans

At GLA, our core mission is to eliminate arbitration and litigation from the construction industry. The toll of construction disputes—on time, resources, and morale—is too significant to ignore, especially for professionals dedicated to creating enduring structures, not engaging in conflicts on job sites.

Our strategy centers on proactive Dispute Prevention. This approach is not only more cost-effective but also minimizes disruptions, ensuring smoother project delivery compared to traditional mediation and arbitration methods. Should disputes arise, we're equipped with specialized tools to address and resolve these issues swiftly, keeping projects aligned with their successful completion goals.

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