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The Global Leaders in construction partnering.

At GLA, our vision is bold and straightforward: Eradicate Arbitration and Litigation from the Construction Industry.

Since its inception, GLA has partnered, and been involved with hundreds of infrastructure projects around the world totaling over $70 Billion.

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Our Philosophy: Protect the Project

At the heart of GLA, the project is our true client. We approach each venture with a holistic view, focusing on the needs of civil engineers, communities, and all stakeholders involved.

Our comprehensive suite of services from Construction Partnering to Mediation is designed to ensure projects not only start strong but also finish successfully with the highest satisfaction and minimal disruptions.

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We know how to deliver your vision

GLA aims to transform the way construction projects are managed, ensuring they are completed safely, on time, within budget, with the highest level of satisfaction for all stakeholders involved, and most importantly with Zero Claims and Zero Disputes.

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GLA Partnering

Fostering cooperation among all project stakeholders to ensure timely, on-budget completion with zero disputes.

Facilitated Dispute Prevention & Resolution (FDR)

Proactively addressing potential conflicts with neutral facilitation to maintain smooth project progression.


Facilitating voluntary and confidential negotiations to achieve mutually beneficial outcomes without litigation.

Project Leadership Development

Enhancing leadership skills within the construction industry through strategic training and certification programs.

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GLA projects are complete on time, on budget with Zero Claims or Disputes.


What our clients say

"A change order brought 19 mill in savings - partnering was able to make that possible. GLA was a tremendous help, Partnering brought the biggest savings."

Girmay Beyene
Senior /Area Transportation Engineer, Civil P.E., Caltrans

It’s an exciting time in the construction industry

Navigating Uncertainty Within Projects

When it comes to managing construction projects, we often rely on processes, timelines, and management tools to keep us on track.

How to Identify the ideal Construction Partnering Package

When it comes to construction, partnering is key to ensuring a successful project. By partnering with other construction professionals, you can share resources, knowledge, and best practices to ensure a successful outcome for your project.

5 Proven Ways To Reduce Conflict & Improve Project Outcomes

In any construction project, there will inevitably be some degree of conflict. However, construction partnering can help reduce the amount of conflict and improve project outcomes.

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