Sam Hassoun, P.E.

President & CEO

Sam Hassoun is a distinguished leader and a brand ambassador for Construction Partnering in the transportation industry.

As the founder and president of Global Leadership Alliance (GLA), he brings a wealth of knowledge and a dynamic perspective of dispute prevention at all stages of project delivery to the forefront. Having held key executive roles in renowned engineering and construction organizations, both in the public and private sector, his unwavering commitment to eradicating arbitration and litigation from the construction industry, has earned him widespread acclaim as a thought leader and trailblazer. Sam’s unique ability to connect with diverse stakeholders enables him to foster collaboration on critical and complex transportation projects. His mastery as a facilitator and mediator, has contributed to delivering successful and safe projects, harnessing project teams’ collective talent to drive innovation.

Under Sam’s leadership, GLA has worked on hundreds of projects in many countries with various delivery methods, totaling over $70 Billion. Sam Hassoun is a Senior Fellow at the American Leadership Forum and holds a certificate in Mediation and Conflict Resolution from UC Berkeley. He is an international trainer, a keynote speaker and presenter on Partnering and Leadership. He is a consultant to numerous organizations and companies on Collaborative Dispute Prevention systems. He is a recipient of many national and international awards and has been featured in many technical and industry publications. Hassoun was recently named by Engineering News Records (ENR) as one of the Top 25 Newsmakers in the construction industry.