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How to Identify the ideal Construction Partnering Package

How to Identify the ideal Construction Partnering Package

When it comes to construction, partnering is key to ensuring a successful project. By partnering with other construction professionals, you can share resources, knowledge, and best practices to ensure a successful outcome for your project. No matter the size of your project, construction partnering can make a big difference in its success. Construction partnering can save time and money, as well as improve communication and coordination between the owners, designers, and contractors. Construction partnering can also help to avoid or resolve conflicts and can improve the quality of the project. In addition, construction partnering can provide an opportunity for the owner, designer, and contractor to get to know each other and to develop a good working relationship. The success of any construction project depends on choosing the right size construction partnering package. The size of the construction partnering package should be based on the objectives of the project, the size of the project, and the complexity of the project. GLA offers 3 main packages for projects ranging from small to large, with a custom package option for megaprojects.

Finding the right package for your project:

Jump Start:

The jumpstart package is our introductory package ideal for projects valued under 10 million dollars. This package begins with a kickoff meeting which should be attended by all primary stakeholders. The Project leadership team may also consider inviting vital third parties (i.e. Utilities, Permitting, and Resource Agencies) when deemed appropriate. During the kickoff meeting, all stakeholders can discuss their roles and responsibilities, as well as their expectations for the project. Furthermore, any potential risks or challenges can be identified and addressed early on. By taking the time to have this initial meeting, projects are set up for success from the start. “Overall, a kickoff meeting can help make construction partnering more effective, which can in turn, lead to better project outcomes.” ( Indeed ) By ensuring that all stakeholders and relevant parties are on the same page from the beginning, potential risks can be minimized and the construction process can run more smoothly.

Virtual Monthly Partnering Update Session– The Project leadership team may request the assistance of GLA Partnering Facilitator outside the normally scheduled Follow Up Partnering Sessions. This assistance can be during regularly scheduled project weekly meetings, or to assist in facilitating outcomes for topic-specific meetings to keep the project progressing.

Monthly Online Project Goals Measurement– We will track project KPIs established during the Kickoff Partnering Session, analyze specific areas of improvement, capture Safety and other project innovations, as well as utilize the data we collect as an advanced tool for Dispute Prevention by creating a proactive plan to deal with identified project risks and potential disputes.

  • Closeout Partnering Session– Close-out Partnering Sessions are designed to capture all remaining items to successfully conclude the Project.


The preventative package is for medium sized projects valued between 10-50 million dollars. For projects of this size disputes are not just possible but are likely to occur. As such this package takes a step up by actively seeking to prevent project disputes. In addition to the services offered in the Jump Start package, Preventative also offers Quarterly Follow Up sessions and an Executive session.

Follow Up Session– Follow-up Sessions are conducted on a quarterly basis to align with the project team issues. The Follow-up Session is typically held in person for 3-4 hours or conducted virtually for 60-90 minutes. The objectives for this follow up session are as follows.

  • Review project goals and agreements
  • Evaluate measurements and analyze project progress
  • What is working well?
  • What needs improvement?
  • Dispute Prevention and Mitigation Plan review
  • Consensus on action items and direction

This follow up session should be attended by all key project stakeholders representing the Owner, Contractor, and Project Management. the meeting should also be attended by the designer of the record to review and approve changes, Resource agencies and funding entities who approve changes, environmental liaison coordinators, and any other critical third parties.

Executive Session– Executive Sessions are designed to align the Key Decision Makers prior to the Kickoff Partnering Session to form one cohesive leadership team with common project goals. This Executive Team will serve as the top-level on the Issue Resolution Ladder established, prior to taking any dispute to a third-party for resolution (DRB or Mediation). Executive Sessions are strategic in nature and not technical. The objectives of the executive session are to:

  • Bring together key decision-makers to work toward alignment of common project goals
  • Assess and mitigate risks affecting the project and the stakeholders involved
  • Resolve commercial, policy, or political issues impacting the project
  • Set direction and final resolution of major issues elevated above the project team level
  • Communicate final resolution and next steps back to the project team

During this session GLA will seek to proactively align the project team members towards a showcase, award winning project. This is done by continuously focusing team members on what is best for the project, and inspiring them to go the extra mile and be proud of what they have accomplished. The goal is to promote Value-Engineering and innovation helping to keep the project on time, on budget, and dispute free. This meeting sets the tone and direction for the entire project team to follow.
A concise agenda and deliverables are established beforehand to optimize everyone’s time. Quarterly follow-up meetings are held to periodically reassess and ensure full project alignment, with the option to schedule special sessions as needed. The Executive group should not exceed 12 participants.


The Proactive Package is perfect for large projects valued between 50 and 100 million dollars. Partnering is essential for projects of this size as disputes are far more common and costly. According to the 2022 Global Construction Dispute report, the average dispute values are up 76% from an average of 30.7 million in 2020 to 54.3 million in 2022. As the cost and frequency of construction disputes continue to rise, construction partnering has become essential for projects valued between 50-100 million dollars. By Utilizing Construction Partnering services, owners can avoid the costly and time-consuming disputes that can delay or even derail a project.

In addition to the services provided in the Preventative package the Proactive package also offers:

Quarterly Executive Summaries- Proactive Package Executive summaries take place on a quarterly basis to ensure that set goals are being accomplished.

Facilitated Dispute Resolution- A Facilitated Dispute Resolution (FDR) session is designed as a Partnering tool to resolve disputes at the project level prior to engaging a third party such as the Dispute Resolution Board (DRB). The objectives of FDR are to:

  • Bring together key project stakeholders to work toward an agreement on outstanding issues
  • Receive Presentation of facts surrounding the issues from all sides of the dispute
  • Achieve resolution and move forward with next steps

When two or more parties are working together on a construction project, it is not uncommon for disagreements to arise. Having a facilitated dispute resolution process in place can help to resolve these disagreements, without the need for costly and time-consuming litigation. It is an efficient and effective way to resolve disagreements. Which can help to improve communication and relationships between the parties involved.

Custom Packages

For Mega-projects valued at over 100 million dollars, the best course of action is for clients to contact GLA directly. Once notified GLA will create a custom partnering package specifically designed for your project. This custom package will include all the services detailed in the proactive package as well as additional services tailored to the needs of your project.

Furthermore, those looking to add additional services not included to their package can by contacting GLA and requesting a custom addition to any of the 3 preset packages.

Thanks for reading! GLA offers Construction Partnering packages that fit any size project from small to large. If you need construction partnering services, be sure to check out all we have to offer. Our Mission is to Eradicate Arbitration and Litigation from the Construction Industry. Our plans offer our clients protection on all projects, providing peace of mind and ensuring we achieve all of our clients needs.

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